Xcelerate Hockey

Since its inception in 2008, Xcelerate Hockey has been providing opportunities for hockey players to develop a deeper understanding of the sport through development of the fundamental skills of the game.

“After travelling the world playing professional hockey, and coaching minor hockey at the AAA level, we have  have seen the impact that a solid foundation in hockey skills can have on a young player.

In today’s game, there is added emphasis on player speed, however great players require the ability to maintain puck control and on-ice awareness when playing a faster game.”

The goal of Xcelerate Hockey is to:

1. Isolate fundamental hockey skills, and then improve them through a series of focused drills.

2. Produce players who are more confident in their abilities, make better hockey decisions and ultimately enjoy the game.

Our highly experienced coaching staff is ready to work with players of any skill level to ensure that their development is paramount. Xcelerate Hockey believes that fundamental skills are the foundation to each players success.



 Full-Day Program (Goalie)
8-14 years